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Unify the way you do Manage, Publish, Engage, Monitor Listen, Discover and Analyse your social media.

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Get your marketing insights for digital transformation strategy done on a single console, it simplifies the daily task required thus saving hundreds of hours to and cost required.
Social Media Marketing

SMAX platform allows the management of social media with features covering publishing, engagement, listening, curation, and analytics. Allowing the seamless execution of social marketing tasks from a single platform that delivers actionable insights.

Research and Insights

SAMX platform allows in-depth historical data search, research and analytics. With unlimited search capabilities, it provides powerful insights on multiple social media platform to your business. Providing insights on how your competitors or brands are faring and understanding customer sentiments.

Customer Relationship

SMAX “Social Inbox” manages your customer touch points across various social media platforms all within a single console. Engage with customers, workflow approvals, viral post management and uncover insights and opportunities across your customers’ journey.

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