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Increase customer satisfaction level

Every product or service you deliver has a value; however, your customers might not be able to see that value or measures the value of your product differently. In order to provide your target customers the maximum value of your products or your services, you have to understand how your customer feels about the product and get their feedback.

Customer have no time for you

It is always difficult to get feedback from your customers. Who has time to answer your surveys? Moreover, do you know how to find customers that you need information from? Creating surveys is also both time consuming and tedious. How do you get your feedback from your customers then?

Collecting feedback

There are so many social media platforms available today. Your customers and potential customers don’t only share their voices in one domain. They are part of forums, they write blogs, they provide input in review sites. How do you collect all of these data from all of these sources? How do you go through all of these data?

Measure your customers’ happiness Today!

SMAX helps you collect all of the data you need and presents them in a simple view of a Social Inbox. From the Social Inbox, you can review all of the messages that your customers have posted. Furthermore, SMAX automatically classifies all of these data into positive, neutral and negative sentiments so that you can easily know how your customers generally feel about your brand.





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