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  • Free
  • SMAX Social Media Platform
  • 1 User Accounts
  • 3 Social Profile
  • Publishing, Scheduling, Social Inbox
    Social Monitoring: Engagements,
    Followers, Influencers
    Social Listening: History Data,
    Sentiment Analysis
    Audience Demographic
  • Free
  • Starter
  • SMAX Social Media Platform
  • 1 User Profile
  • 9 Social Profile /
    5 keywords
  • Discover Trending Topic & Mentions
    Narrow Result Search
    (Inclusive Free Features)
  • Starting at
  • Advanced
  • SMAX Social Media Platform
  • 3 User Profile
  • 9 Social Profile /
    30 keywords
  • Brand Crisis Management
    Campaign Tracking
    Competitor Comparison
    Location Based Tracking
    Add-on Mentions Options
    (Inclusive Starter Features)
  • Starting at
  • Enterprise
  • SMAX Social Media Platform
  • 10 User Profile
  • 30 Social Profile /
    Unlimited keywords
  • Account Management
    Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
    User Audit Trail
    Automated Reports
    API Access
    (Inclusive Advanced Features)
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Displayed prices are in US Dollar (USD) and based on monthly billing.

How long does the FREE account last?

The FREE account will remain active as long as it is log in within every 45 days.

What is the billing cycle?

The billing cycle will start from the date of sign up and will repeat on date on every month after.

I need a customised plan. What should I do?

Please drop us an email at or fill in your details in contact us page. Let us understand your business requirements, for a tailored platform that will suit your needs. Do not be restricted by the limitation of fixed packages, we are confident that our platform will address your requirements to make your work efficient.

What are my payment options?

Payment via online for major credit cards and stripe. We offer a 10% discount for annual payments.

How many packages can I have a time?

You can purchase as many packages as you like. However, if you do have such intention, we would suggest that you contact us for assistance.

Why is there no data shown on the dashboard?

During first time setup of the account in SMAX platform, it will collect historic data of your brand. It requires approximately 2 - 6 hours for the 1st harvest.

Not much data is showing, why?

If you signed up the Free Plan, it only monitors your social media presents like Engagements, Followers, Influencers. If you would like to track conversations around the social media platforms with specific phrases, words or brands, you can sign up for the Starter or Advance Plan.

Go to:
Settlings page -> Keyword tab

How is SMAX’s analytics different from others?

SMAX platform provides a feedback loop, where information from the Listening Module is passed to the Management module for employees/marketers to take action. When the employees/marketers communicate with the audience, their communications are fed back into the listening module and the cycle continues In-between the two processes SMAX Analytics, sentiment analysis and filters are put into action to save users hundreds of hours of work to provide efficiency to the business. The information harvested helps marketers measure and identify the brand strength and online presence. SMAX analytics’ data are collected within your social media channels and outside of your social media channels, such as, websites, forums and blogs.

How often is SMAX platform being updated?

We are continuously improving our platform to give our users better interface experience, information accuracy and functionality. The updates are over every 2-3 months period and you will receive updates and guides about the new features.

Why do I need to setup profile and keyword ?

Setting up your social profile lets you publish your content and reply a comment through SMAX platform directly.
Keyword search helps you track conversations around the social platforms by specifying the phrases, words or brands. Leverage on them to discover opportunities or create content to attract your audience. It’s more than watching @mentions and #tags.