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About Us

SMAX is a Singapore-based company started by a group of people with strong technical background. With our skills, we developed brilliant features that collects, filters, analyses, aggregates data about your brand, your competitors, your customers, and anything else from social media, forums, and many other online locations. We believe that with our proprietary algorithms and our vision to be a leading digital marketing analytics provider, we have the capability to build and expand the team to cover our customers' end-to-end digital marketing needs. We aim to enable our customers to make smart business decisions through data analytics – To provide business intelligence through data analytics harvested from a plethora of digital platforms.

We have a lot of interesting things in store and we plan to expand our business to different countries in the coming months.

So stay tuned and watch us grow!
See you around!

Facts Us

We collect, filter, analyse and aggregate data in social media sphere and other online locations to provide marketing information about your brand, your competitors brand and your customers

Our vision is to be a leading digital marketing analytics provider with our proprietary algorithms.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the necessary tools to give them a marketing edge with the least amount of time and effort.

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Meet the brains behind our products! We have technical brainiacs, sales magicians, marketing buffs and a general mastermind.

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Alloy C

Product Manager

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Kevin S

Solutions Developer

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Neil C

Chief Architect

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Kevin Y

Head of Sales

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Flora L

Sales Manager

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Kevin C


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Evan H

Solutions Developer

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Javier X

Digital Marketing Executive



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We nurture new ideas: we never stop for innovation. We passionately challenge ourselves to be innovators of technology.


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We achieve great things as one but we achieve the unimaginable as a team.


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We settle for nothing less than excellence, aspiring for perfection.


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Respecting and caring for every person and our community.

Data Analytics for Your Business

Get relevant intelligent data and analytics to make informed business decisions and gain competitive advantage. Be more efficient in your strategies, increase brand awareness and overall customer satisfaction.